Your Online Brochure

What is my Personal Online Brochure (POB)?

AVON gives every representative their own link to an online e-brochure which is identical to the physical brochure you give out to customers every campaign, except it’s in virtual form. Your link is unique to you alone, and is directly connected to your AVON representative account.

When customers follow the link, they will see the brochure, and can click to add items to their basket in the same way you would on any other online shop. They submit their order to you, and this then comes through to your account and gets added to your existing order. You then deliver this like normal with the rest of your other customer orders.

Where is my personalised link?

You can find your personalised link to your e-brochure (POB – Personal Online Brochure) here – under ‘Training and Development’ – which you just copy and paste anywhere you like! Find out all you need to know under about POB here. 


Social media

Using your POB link on social media effectively can make all the difference to your sales, especially in the shorter Christmas campaigns. If you have friends or relatives who live further afield, and are happy to pay some extra for postage, using POB is the perfect way to keep their orders.

Even if you don’t personally use sites like facebook and twitter, Avon has developed some fantastic ways for you to share the e-brochure with customers not directly in your area. There are widgets for customers to interact with (like the hairstyle widget!), facebook banners, images to use as profile pictures, posters for status updates, and the constantly updated stream of youtube videos for you to share.

The Avon App

So cool, I only wish Avon had brought this out sooner. Check out the video below.


You can now share your POB with customers on the go – it’s like having an endless supply of brochures, order forms, and advertising all rolled into one, without needing to carry anything!

For those wanting to become Sales Leaders, this app also allows you to sign people up on the spot! Fantastic for generating leads, and in conducting first sign ups with new representatives.