Become a Representative

To find out more about becoming an avon representative read on, or sign up here.


Why should I join your team, I hear you ask.

As a Representative in my team, you’ll get:

  • 24/7 help and support
  • reliability – if I say I’ll do something, I make sure I stick to it
  • expertise – you can rely on my knowledge of how to make the most out of Avon’s products to maximise your own earnings
  • fun! I don’t like to make my Reps feel pressured or hounded. Working for Avon should be enjoyable, and most importantly the targets and goals to be set by you. I’m here to support you in taking your Avon business to whatever level you choose, not in chasing sales.

It takes 30 seconds to sign up and get started.

Why my support is different

My team gets emailed updates and tips at the start of every campaign to help them make the most of their Avon opportunity. But this is just the starting block. Every person in my team has different needs, which means that the type of support I offer you will be tailored specifically to your own circumstances. There are no blanket solutions.

Contact with me also works in both directions – I’ll be ringing you to say well done, and offer you rewards, not just when it’s bad news. I’m interested in my reps as individuals too, so I might not even be thinking about Avon when I call to say happy birthday.

You’ll get special access to my Representative facebook group with different updates and ideas, in addition to the area sales manager’s direct facebook page and contacts.