How to Guides

Below I’ve put together a list of the most helpful of Avon’s how to guides for new and existing representatives. It is meant as a resource that you can quickly refer back to, but I would always recommend asking for help as well if there’s something you don’t understand.

The Basics

All the introductory information you need when you first join Avon as an Independent Representative. All of this will be explained to you during your first meeting with me, but these links are here as a refresher.

Understanding your discount – how your commission earnings are calculated and how you receive them
Placing an order – inputting your order codes online
Understanding your invoice – what to do when it arrives
Your delivery – when, where, and how it arrives
Making a payment – to Avon for your items ordered
Handling returns, exchanges & replacements – what to do when a product needs returning
The Avon guarantee – about the 90 day returns policy

Different techniques for selling

Different people prefer to sell Avon in different ways. We’re all individual. Where one person might only go door to door, another might make take most of their orders through facebook. It really varies with what method suits you best, and how easy you find each one to use.

Have a read through below for ideas about the techniques available from Avon.

Grow sales online with POB – guide to selling through the online e-brochure

Social Media

Even if you don’t personally use sites like facebook and twitter, Avon has developed some fantastic ways for you to share the e-brochure with customers not directly in your area. This is a fab tool for showing friends or family who live further away the latest Avon brochure!

You can find your personalised link to your e-brochure (POB – Personal Online Brochure) here which you just copy and paste anywhere you like! When customers follow the link, they will see the brochure, and can click to add items to their basket in the same way you would on any other online shop. Those orders then come to your account.

Find out all you need to know under ‘My Personal Online Brochure’ in your Avon account.


Investment tools

This is really to explain how to make the most of tools like samples and demonstration products. It can be confusing and a bit overwhelming at first, but they really are a fantastic resource that are very simple and effective, without you needing to buy every single one.

Demonstration products – order your personal product to show and share
Samples – good things come in small packages
First Look Magazine – making the most of your advance ordering brochure

More hints and tips

If you want to reach more people with your Avon book and start expanding your business, check out the links below.

For help with selling certain types of products, Avon has graciously provided how-tos on its various ranges from those in the know.