Why Grace loves Avon

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Hi my name is Grace I recently Joined Avon and wanted to share with you my story so far ..

Joining Avon has always been an idea of mine. I love the products and it just seemed like a fun working community to become a part of. Once I got to Uni and I realised that no one near me was actually working for Avon I finally made the decision to do it myself. I love that now not only can I share all of these great products with my friends and family but I also have the opportunity to widen the circle to include anyone who is interested at university.


I realized that the best way to reach new people would be through Facebook, as it’s our main means of communication. To achieve this I created a whole new profile dedicated to Avon. This began with just adding my…

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Winners for the Christmas Competition!

The results are out!

As all my customers know, I ran a Christmas Prize Draw Competition in the last campaign. For every £10 ordered, I gave every customer the chance to win a full size A-F33 Pro Line Corrector Treatment (worth £30), or one of three Ultra Colour Lipsticks in different shades (each worth £7.50).

AVON xmas comp copy

After receiving 16 eligible entries from different customers, I can now reveal the results of the winners…*drumroll please*

With a 1 in 4 chance of winning, the customers who were selected at random by computer are:

Siobhan Rankine – A-F33 Pro Line Corrector Treatment

Pam Hill – Ultra Colour Lipstick

Salma Mahmood – Ultra Colour Lipstick

Rukhsana Biring – Ultra Colour Lipstick

Well done ladies! I’ll be bringing round your prizes with your orders next Saturday.

For everyone else who didn’t win this time, thank you for entering. There will be more competitions and prizes in future, so don’t give up your hope of winning just yet!

Who wants to win a golden ticket ?

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Everyone loves to win and Golden Ticket offers Representatives and customers just that! Brochure 4 features some great promotion of four key lipsticks; Colour Absolute, Ultra Colour, Extra Lasting and the gorgeous, Lip Crayon.

For every lipstick ordered in Campaign 4 the customer will receive, through the Representative, a Golden Ticket where everyone is a winner. There’s over £10 million worth of prizes including £5,000 holiday, £5,000 shopping spree, hi-tech gadgets and great days out. The customer just goes to http://www.avon,uk.com/goldenticket for a full list of prizes, terms and conditions and to see what they have won! Of course Representatives will also qualify for this element too when they order lipsticks for themselves.Image

So what about the Representative? There’s something for them too. The top 10 Representatives who sell the most number of the four qualifying lipsticks in Campaign 4 will receive a VIP experience. They’ll be invited along to Corby…

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Top 10 Tips to Increase your Earnings

Put a brochure through every door

If your customers don’t see a brochure every 3 weeks, they don’t get to see the products and offers available, and there’s no chance for them to go on to buy. The best way to ensure that you can increase your orders is to make sure every singly one of the houses in your territory, or within your circle of friends and family, sees a brochure every campaign.

A simple analogy to this scenario can be put like this: you go into a high street store and browse around for a bit, but you don’t buy anything and walk out. The next time you return to the same store, the manager locks the doors and tells you that because you didn’t purchase from him last time, you don’t get to look again.

Not everyone will want to buy from you every campaign, but this doesn’t mean they should be punished for it!

Share your POB on facebook

What could be easier than your brochure working for you whilst you sleep?! With hard copies of the brochure only those customers who have received it yet in your area can view it, but with the online brochure everyone can see it, order from it, at any time, and increase your sales even whilst you’re getting some well-earned rest.

Your Personal Online Brochure is linked only to your account, and you earn from it in the same way that you do from the hard copy brochures. See my page on using your POB to learn more.

Use the AVON app

It couldn’t be easier. Download the app to your ipod or smartphone and you instantly have a copy of the brochure with you wherever you go. Show it to people you meet for the first time, to work colleagues, when you’re visiting family, or to your existing customers so that you can talk them through how to purchase online.

For Sales Leaders, the AVON app also means that you can appoint new Representatives on the go, and start them on their journey to earning with AVON – anytime, anywhere! You don’t need to carry round paper, pen, brochure, or prospecting cards all the time, just your phone.

Customers can also use the app to search for their nearest Representative, so make sure you sign up to ‘Find a Representative’ on your personal AVON profile page.

Highlight the latest offers to customers

It’s not enough to assume that your customers will notice all of the latest and greatest offers in the AVON catalogue, so you need to point out the best ones to them. Do this by using the flyers and youtube videos, as well as bookmarks, provided by AVON; write on the order form a quick message highlighting what page etc to your customers; or tell them face to face when you drop off the brochure.

Select one product to promote per campaign

Again, use your facebook, twitter, pinterest, youtube accounts – you name it – or face to face conversations with your customers to tell them all about one product that you have selected in each campaign to promote. This works better if AVON are promoting the product as well, so plan ahead by looking at your First Look book to find out which items are going to be promoted. You can plan in advance how to highlight this product to customers, and order samples if need be.

Use samples

Those who try, go on to buy. Slip a sample of the latest fragrance or anew skincare regime into the relevant page and watch your orders come in. This works best if you coordinate your samples with a campaign that AVON is running, as there will already be more attention drawn to the product, reducing the work for you to do!

For instance, the A-F33 Pro Line Corrector Treatment was recently reduced to £24, with a bookmark to highlight the offer to customers. This was also part of a representative competition based on product sales for that specific item. Using samples of the A-F33 tucked into the page, with all of AVON’s promotional material in the brochure, and online, my sales of the A-F33 spiralled in that campaign, getting me more entries into the competition! A winner all round.

Take a bargain box

You know those reduced items that shops put on their tills that you can’t resist buying at the last minute? Well the bargain box is the AVON Representative’s equivalent.

You can build a supply of spare products to keep in your AVON cupboard (or box, or bath) by ordering items on sale, or using products that AVON might have sent you as a Smart Start reward. It’s also useful to remember that you can still order from the catalogue yourself, so if a customer doesn’t make use of a product offer (eg. buy 3 for £3) you can add the extra products to complete the offer requirement and take advantage of the reduced price.

With your box of bargain goodies in hand, you can then take it with you during your delivery round and offer your customers something from the bargain box. This is a technique used by Presidents Club members, who sell over £6500 of products a year. You can make everything in the box £1, £2, 3 for £5 – it’s up to you.

Host a get-together

Another chance to treat and get to know your customers, whilst they can try out full size demo products before they buy. There is a host of advice on planning a get-together on the AVON site, so I won’t go into too much detail here. The main thing to remember is to plan in advance so that you have a range of products available on the day, and to get enough order forms, brochures, and samples for people to take away beforehand.

It’s also important to hold your event close to order day, so that your customers don’t have to wait long before their order arrives. AVON have some invites in a few different styles to choose from, but of course you can always design some yourself!

Run your own competitions

Loyal customers deserve a reward now and then to thank them for their custom. Here are a few ideas of the different types of loyalty incentives that you can run.

  • Run a prize-draw competition to win a selection of products/one very good product
  • Give a free gift to every customer spending over a certain amount with you
  • Run a loyalty points system – one point for every £1 spent, redeemable when they reach a certain amount of points, either for money off their order, or a free reward.

Most importantly – get to know your customers

People buy from people. Building a rapport with your customers is one of the most important things you can do to increase your earnings. Chatting to them also helps you identify what their needs are, and the type of customer they will be.

For instance, if a customer is complaining about her brittle nails, you can suggest she try something from the range of Nail Experts strengthening and restorative products.

If you have a lady who doesn’t have much money to splash out with, give her some samples to try out first, and encourage her to try one product at a time after she has seen the results for herself.

Or, if one of your customers loves a bargain, be sure to highlight some of the best offers and free products that AVON have in each brochure. Who doesn’t love to treat themselves on the  cheap?!